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Fighting for school student’s rights is an important job. It is necessary to not only focus on your own country, as the best way to reflect on your own system, is to look outwards. Let us fight together to make the best educational system possible, not only in Denmark, but also in Europe, and the rest of the world! Together we are stronger!” – Peter Hybschmann, International Officer of EEO

EEO is the Danish Vocational and Technical School Students Union and was founded in 1996.

What is EEO?

EEO is an organisation for VET-students and technical high school students, fighting to improve the conditions in our schools. Among other things, EEO is working to ensure apprenticeships, better working conditions and a better working – and learning environment altogether.  Most importantly we are fighting to ensure a better and free education.

We believe that us students must stand together to make a difference. To ensure the changes that we believe is needed. School buildings are falling apart, a lack of proper guidance counsellors and teachers, and the Danish government is making huge cuts to the educational system. We are working together with the other Danish school student- and student unions, to fight these cuts, and to try to ensure a good quality of education in Denmark. In the last couple of years, we have focused on topics such as mental health, dyslexia, changing the curricula, better apprenticeships, and much, much more. Another of our big focuses has been our campaign “The road to a VET”, which has been going on for the last two years. The campaign shines a light on the problem that is, falling applications for VET schools in Denmark, and the missing counselling from the school counsellors. The campaign is currently funded with 2.5 million DKK (~336.000 euro) by the Nordea Foundation. It is a role model campaign, which means that we send VET students out to the higher grade pupils in the primary schools, to talk about their experience from taking a VET degree.

EEO is the organisation for the student councils of the individual VET-schools to stand united, to shout out to the media, the politicians and those responsible, whenever it is needed.

The students are in charge

EEO is an organisation consisting of VET-students and technical high school students. In other words; an organisation working in the best interest of our students. It is the foundation, for getting the best education, you can possibly imagine. Who other than the students, know how to improve their education? While politicians and headmasters talk and talk, we have concrete solutions for the problems at hand. It is, in fact, the individual students who decide what EEO should fight for. This is done on statutory meetings hosted twice a year, which ensures democracy, not only within our own organisation but for VET-students alike.

EEO’s international representation

In EEO we believe in good international relations and representation. This is the reason why we are sending representatives to international events and is a part of international organisations and networks. EEO is represented in the following organisations:

  • OBESSU – The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions
  • NSSN – The Nordic School Student Network
  • EAN – The European Apprentices Network

These are some of the international events we have attended the last year:

  • OBESSU’s statutory meetings and events
  • NSSN’s statutory meetings
  • The European Vocational Skills Week
  • Other School Student Unions statutory meetings and events


For more information you can always contact our secretariat or

International Officer

Peter Hybschmann


Phone: +45 29 67 78 84