“13.000 young people is in need of an apprenticeship – which is due to laziness. Not ours, but those politicians and businesses who don’t take their part of the responsibility.” said Mie Hovmark, former chairman of EEO, the organisation for students engaged in vocational and educational training.


What is EEO?

EEO is an organization for VET-students fighting to improve the conditions of VET-students and those attending technical high schools. Among other things EEO is working to ensure apprenticeships, better working conditions and a better working – and learning environment all together.  Most importantly we are fighting to ensure a better and free education.

We believe that us students must stand together to make a difference. To ensure the changes that we believe is needed. School buildings are falling apart, a lack of proper guidance counselors and teachers, and a rising number with dropouts. At the same time the danish VET-students go on to be among the best practitioners in the world. EEO and the other student movement organizations in Denmark have won a series of victories in the last few years. Among these are a new law that increases the influence of the student councils on the schools, a maximum number of students that each schools can have in one classroom, so that everyone can get the help that they need, a defence of the economical support given to all students by the state and so on.

EEO is the organization for the student councils of the individual VET-schools to stand united, to shout out to the media, the politicians and those responsible, whenever it is needed.


The students are in charge

EEO is an organizations consisting of VET-students. In other words; an organization working in the best interest of the VET-students of Denmark. It is the foundation, for getting the best education, you can possibly imagine. Who other than the students, know how to improve their education? While politicians and headmasters talk and talk, we have concrete solutions for the problems at hand. It is in fact the individual students who decide what EEO has to fight for. This is done on major assemblies hosted twice a year,which ensures democracy, not only within our own organization, but for VET-students alike.